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Plus Inverter 150 watts - Ring FM E Can

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New from Ring Automotive comes the FM E:Can+ inverter.

The FM E:Can+ is an extension of the award winning E:Can+ inverter. It combines a powerful 150 watt power output , with a USB charging point and now a FM Transmitter.

The USB charging point enables mobile phones and MP3 players to be recharged while at the same time as using the 240v AC mains power.

The FM transmitter allows you to connect to your MP3 player and broadcast your tunes wirelessly at a frequency that can be received by your car's audio radio system. It is as if your radio was playing music from a conventional radio station.

You can power your lap top, charge your MP3 player and play it through the car's audio system all at the same time. 3 for the price of 1.

The can shaped design along with a coiled cable allows the inverter to be positioned in most cars drinks holders for convenient secure positioning.

The unit is manufactured from scratchproof, shock-resistant ABS and brushed aluminium to match quality car interiors.

For safety the inverter incorporates overload circuit protection to protect the vehicle, the powered appliance and of course the consumer.

An ideal Car Accessories Gift idea from Care4car and makes a superb Christmas Gift..

Auto Express Product Honours Winner 2012.

Brand: Ring Automotive