Ford 300ml Tyre Sealant by AirMan - 300ml

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Ford  Tyre Sealant by AirMan

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Ford Tyre Sealant by AirMan - 300ml

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  • Ford Tyre Sealant made by AirMan(Original Equipment standard)
  • 300ml Tyre Sealant with hoze and connector
  • Expiry Date: 10/2027
  • Suitable for: Ford KA, Fiesta, Transit, B-Max, C-Max (part number: 1550921)
  • Excellent value for money - cheaper than Ford Main Dealer prices.


This Ford Tyre Sealant 300ml is the New High Quality German Engineered Tyre Repair Sealant made by Active Tools / AirMan to Original Equipment (OE) standard.

This industry leading tyre sealant technology is designed to seal punctures up to 6mm, ensuring the highest quality tyre repair solution on the market. Valve-Through Sealant (VT) technology is delivered in a hard bottle enabling the user to inject the sealant directly into the tire without removing the valve core. Simply connect the hose of the compressor to the bottle, and the hose supplied with the sealant bottle to the tyre valve. The sealant then pumps into the tyre whilst the tyre is being inflated. This tyre sealant is based on particle gel technology, which consists mostly of water, and biodegradable supplements. It can easily be rinsed off the tyre using water to allow full repair. The sealant does not rust or cause corrosion on any part of the rim, nor does it contain any toxic or flammable ingredients.

Simply connect the air hose from a tyre compressor to the valve on the bottle, and connect the red hose from the bottle directly to the tyre. Once the pump is switched on, the air will push the sealant directly through the tyre valve and inflate the tyre.

Compatible with the Ford Puncture Repair Refill Kit for: Ford KA, Fiesta, Transit, B-Max, C-Max (Ford Part Number: 1550921

Brand: Ford